2916 E UNIVERSITY AVE, DES MOINES, IA, 50317-8236 

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Reviewed by: katiebugkelley on: 2018/1/16 17:28:24
It is impossible to use the website, very little creativity in the website.
Reviewed by: makaylaortiz17 on: 2016-05-16
women when ordering is rude and raises her voice. Charged me for dinner specials when ordering lunch at 1:45 in the afternoon. Said its my fault for not saying lunch specials!!!
Reviewed by: isingindm on: 2016-03-04
Food is hot, fresh and delicious!! Fast delivery! NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS with this place!
Reviewed by: aparson1 on: 2016-02-18
Oh then the lady took us to eff off and hung up on us. Horrible customer service horrible food!
Reviewed by: aparson1 on: 2016-02-18
Watch out 6 of us ate here and got food poisoning. We called them about it and their response was we drank to much. It was 4 adults and 2 children. We didn't drink anything. This restaurant is horrible will never eat here and will make it know their food causes food poisoning!!!!
Reviewed by: mfranker1957 on: 2014-07-19
Don't order spring rolls and expect real spring rolls! I've ordered them twice and You get egg rolls. What a dissapointment