2916 E UNIVERSITY AVE, DES MOINES, IA, 50317-8236 

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Reviewed by: taneahsims1 on: 2020/1/2 19:44:21
Food is great however the asian delivery driver is so Rude he actually cussed at my place of employment because he wanted a bigger tip, because of this i will be ordering my delivery from some other chinese place
Reviewed by: motherradll69 on: 2019/9/1 16:58:14
food is good. the delivery driver was VERY, VERY RUDE! IWILL NOT EVER ORDER AGAIN
Reviewed by: cpcowgirl on: 2019/8/6 16:29:04
Love the food and delivery is great. On the other hand the women who answers the phone and takes orders is very rude. She needs to speak English better.
Reviewed by: quecatwho on: 2019/2/28 12:08:13
Have been ordering from this place for years. Our favorite. All of a sudden today, they no longer deliver to the SE 14th St and Hartford area? Not real happy. Obviously taking ALL of my business elsewhere!
Reviewed by: rudeaf on: 2019/1/26 15:18:37
The worst customer service I have ever experienced. The woman on the phone should be embarrassed.
Reviewed by: jstevenlinda on: 2018/12/11 15:04:29
it would be nice if we could order online directly from China House. we love your food and ordering online would be perfect
Reviewed by: jreimers91 on: 2018/10/21 8:16:19
Online ordering does not work.
Reviewed by: khrisecastrousa on: 2018/5/24 19:17:22
I tried ordering via phone and this Chinese woman hung up on me when I asked her to repeat what she was saying. Rude rude rude!!! Well you just lost a lot of business not just mine. Too bad I work at a hotel where we give out your menus to guests. I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM OUT FROM NOW ON TO GUESTS!!!!! They're all going to the trash now!
Reviewed by: yoitzwizzle on: 2018/4/24 13:36:47
The woman on the phone is rude. She cannot understand english very well, nor speak it and that itself is horrible business. All around a hard time from everyone. The eggdrop soup is eggdroup goup, almost like a thick snot. I also was charged for dinner prices during the lunchtime hours. This is America. IF YOU CANT SPEAK ENGLISH YOU SHOULDNT OPPERATE A CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE.
Reviewed by: katiebugkelley on: 2018/1/16 17:28:24
It is impossible to use the website, very little creativity in the website.
Reviewed by: makaylaortiz17 on: 2016-05-16
women when ordering is rude and raises her voice. Charged me for dinner specials when ordering lunch at 1:45 in the afternoon. Said its my fault for not saying lunch specials!!!
Reviewed by: isingindm on: 2016-03-04
Food is hot, fresh and delicious!! Fast delivery! NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS with this place!
Reviewed by: aparson1 on: 2016-02-18
Oh then the lady took us to eff off and hung up on us. Horrible customer service horrible food!
Reviewed by: aparson1 on: 2016-02-18
Watch out 6 of us ate here and got food poisoning. We called them about it and their response was we drank to much. It was 4 adults and 2 children. We didn't drink anything. This restaurant is horrible will never eat here and will make it know their food causes food poisoning!!!!
Reviewed by: mfranker1957 on: 2014-07-19
Don't order spring rolls and expect real spring rolls! I've ordered them twice and You get egg rolls. What a dissapointment